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Biliztik Sports is getting ready to launch what we hope will be one of the most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history. With the support of a number of top tier influencers from the sports world, they will not only be promoting the games, they also believe in our cause.






mobile app

The Biliztik Sports app allows you to play along and compete against your friends and other fans like never before, all while watching your favourite sports live.

Realtime Gaming

R.I.S. (Realtime Interactive Sports) gaming allows you to play along while watching hockey, baseball or football, challenging you to predict what each play will bring.

Social Media

Share your sports thoughts, pictures or videos. Comment, cheer or boo posts and taunt your friends in the virtual locker room.

Digital Media

Take a picture and immediately turn it in to a personalized sports trading card. Team colors, team name and number are all available. Take advantage of the autograph feature.

(Bill-iz-Tik) 1 million times greater than awesome!

Our story

Biliztik Sports started with two friends and their passion for predicting the next play in their favourite sports events. Their competitive nature turned into a pet project and ultimately, the development of three board games and even an interactive sports app. The excitement of these games spread quickly through their local network of friends and family and soon Biliztik Sports was incorporated. There are now ten investors passionate about our plan and our cause. We are hard at work on developing the new artwork and will be launching a campaign on Kickstarter soon. Our board games will also be available on-line with a portion of our proceeds supporting local sports and under privileged children. We are very excited for the future of Biliztik Sports.

biliztik 4 kidz

The founders of Biliztik Sports Inc. come from diverse backgrounds but we all recognize the importance that sports have played in our childhood. Some of our families struggled to support the financial burden that comes with organized sports and we continue to see the struggle that exists with families within our community. We have all agreed that SPORTS can be a positive influence on our children and want to make sure that all KIDS have an opportunity to benefit from the experience of playing. It is our PLEDGE to ALWAYS donate $1.00 from every board game sold to our BiliZTik 4 KidZ program and give back where needed.



Goes back into youth sports.

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We look forward to your messages, feedback and questions. It’s what helps us make our games better and more fun for everyone!

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